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We Are Melbourne’s #1 Car Parts Supply Company

Advance Auto Parts is Australia’s leading used car parts supply company. We have been in the automobile industry for over two decades and we have spearheaded car removal and cash for cars services in Melbourne and many of its surrounding suburbs.

As a family-owned and operated business, take pride in being a reliable one-stop-shop for our customers’ car spare parts needs. We are also committed to providing you value for your money therefore we sell only quality and cheap auto parts. All the vehicle parts acquired from our car removal and wrecking services go through uncompromising inspections and quality checks in order to sell you only the car parts that are in best conditions. All the rest are scrapped and recycled in our eco-friendly and fully-equipped facility. Furthermore we even sell brand new and like-new refurbished parts. We are a reputable car parts supplier who are focused on continually improving our services and we live up to our customers’ expectations.

We Sell Car Parts for All Makes and Models

Getting a hold of those hard-to-find auto spare parts is never a hassle with Advance Auto Parts around. We boast of our large auto parts warehouse that holds a wide array of all kinds and brands of parts for sedans, pickup trucks, luxury vehicles, compact cars, SUVs, vans, and utes.

We understand that customers have different expectations when it comes to buying replacement parts for their vehicles. That is why we guarantee that all the parts you buy from us come with a warranty. You are assured to find only car parts that are at par with current industry and market standards.

We provide free, no-obligation quotes over the phone. So you can easily scout for that car part you are looking for and get an idea of how much that would cost.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We value customer satisfaction above all; and so we strive to always meet all our clients’ needs and expectations. By offering a wide range of car spare parts, you won’t have to go through the hassles of looking around any further. We make the purchase process as easy as possible to minimise errors and to save you time.

One Stop Shop

We offer top-quality car body and engine parts such as axles, stub axles, hubs, control arms, calipers, struts, torsion bars, diff centers, diff housings, ABS sensors, steering racks, power steering pumps, steering boxes, spark plugs, wheels and tyres, front and rear suspension, fenders, doors, window guards, headlights, and more.

Lowest Prices

Compared to all other automotive stores in Melbourne, we offer the lowest prices. Because of our large supply of vehicle parts, we have the luxury to sell it to our customers at prices below the current RRP (Recommended Retail Price). Let us know how much your budget is and we may be able to give the part to you according to how much you’re setting aside for it.

Great Discounts

We offer great discounts and package deals for everyone. We even provide customers FREE DELIVERY for purchases that exceed $500. If you pick up the part at our Dandenong facility, chances are, you will get the part at a very low price. We’re also keen to give discounts to people who will buy multiple parts.

Friendly Staff

We have a team of friendly and accommodating staff who is ready to assist you with your car parts needs. Call us now and we’ll have the car parts ready for you in no time. You don’t see the part you need on our list of available parts? Let us know so we can source the part for you!

Value Added Service

Advance Auto Parts is a business affiliated with Advance Car Wreckers, a car wrecking a and car recycling company. We can offer you top cash for cars if you have a vehicle that is old, scrap, junk or wrecked. Advance Car Wreckers provide free car removal service to all vehicle owners in Melbourne.



Toyota Land Cruiser

Now wrecking: Toyota Land Cruiser. Plenty of parts available.

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Honda Accord

Now wrecking: 2003 Honda Accord. Plenty of parts available.

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Honda Civic

Now wrecking: 2008 Honda Civic. Plenty of parts available.

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What Do You Know About Us

We are a family of automobile experts who are passionately working in the car removal and wrecking industry in Melbourne. It is in the 1990s when the family business was officially registered and recognised by the local government and the auto industry. Having been in the old car removal and junk car wrecking industry for so long, all the more that we have felt the need to make better use of the parts and components recovered from every vehicle we dismantle. Since then, everything was history.




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