One of the important things we have to make sure of before and while driving is our visibility. Exactly the main reason why people with color blindness and poor eyesight have a hard time or don’t really get a chance to have a driver’s license. So when talking about driving visibility, we’re not just pertaining to our eye health; certain auto parts also function in order to ensure the clearness of our vision while driving – our car headlights and even our windshield wipers.

Our windshield wipers are our heroes whenever we can’t see clearly because of the pouring rain, the falling snow, or even the thick mist because the windshield gets fogged up from the outside. So when they fail to function properly, it is not only an annoying experience, but also an extremely dangerous situation. In addition, if you continue to use worn wiper blades or broken windshield wipers, it will cause damage to your windshield. Eventually it’ll be much more of a hassle and it will definitely cost you a lot more! Windshield wipers are of course way cheaper that auto windshield glass.

In general, wipers and wiper blades belong to the list of the car parts that need to be replaced more frequently. It is recommended that you replace them at least twice a year. But if the weather conditions in your area are more severe or let’s just say, a little crazier, you might have to inspect and replace them more often.

To make this task a lot easier for you, let us, Advance Auto Parts, help you out. Being a leading and trusted auto parts recyclers and used car parts Melbourne company, we ought to provide you with a list that will help you determine when is it really time to replace your wipers. Here are 6 signs that you can check:


  • Blades are cracking and peeling.


The harmful UV rays from the sun are enough to destroy and make your windshield wiper blades dry, brittle, scaly, and most of all, inefficient. So when you do check them out and see that some parts of it are already flapping in the wind, that should be enough reason for you to go and replace them.


  • Your wipers make squeaking and scratching noises.


It began to rain (or snow) so hard so you have to turn on your windshield wipers. But then you hear annoying screeching sounds as it seems they’re scratching the very glass surface of your windshield. Sure they (somehow) still do their part at the very least, but then if that metal-on-glass sounds recur every time you turn the knob on, then please, get yourself some new wiper blades, stat.


  • Your windshield gets streaks.


If you see annoying streaks of water, snow, or even dirt after you use your wipers, that means your windshield wipers aren’t getting enough contact with your glass windshield. The blades may be misaligned or simply worn out. But to be sure, give it a good inspection. It may as simple as leaves or other debris were just stuck in them; or worse, the spring on your wiper arms that keeps them in contact with the windshield might already be broken.


  • Skipping wipers.


Do your wipers seem to have a hard time gliding onto your windshield? If they look as if they’re hopping across your windshield, you have two solutions: get some water repellent and apply it to your wiper blades so they could glide easily or, you may simply replace them with new ones.


  • Wiper frame is bent.


If upon inspecting them carefully and you notice that the complete wiper frame is already bent, it is red flag and you need to have them replaced immediately. It is never advisable to use wipers with bent frames as it will cause damage to your windshield wiper arms or worse, to your windshield.


  • It just makes your windshield messier.


Your windshield wipers are there to clean your windshield so you don’t see any obstructions and you get clearer driving vision. Thus, it just goes without saying that if they serve no purpose at all, you need to replace them at once. So if they just make your windshields dirtier instead of cleaning it, then don’t prolong the agony and just get your car some new ones.

To get the most of your existing windshield wipers, get into the habit of checking them periodically, regardless if it’s rainy season or not. Be proactive. Don’t just do a quick sight check. Lift each wiper arm off the glass and then slowly run your fingers along the blades. That will immediately let you know if they’re still in good condition.

If you are in need of quality wiper blades or even a complete set of windshield wipers, don’t stress yourself out in looking for physical or online auto parts shops that sell cheap auto spares. Choose us – because Advance Auto Parts has got you covered! We have all kinds of windshield wipers and blades for cars of all makes and models. And if you are in search of other quality used auto parts at budget-friendly prices, just tell us what it is, and we’ll gladly provide them for you.

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