Warming up Car Engine: Is It Really Necessary? Advance Auto Parts

Warming up Car Engines: Is It Really Necessary?

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Advance Auto parts has been in the auto parts industry for more than 20 years; long enough for us to notice that until now, there is still that debate of whether or not it is good for your car engine to be warmed up. Many car experts and enthusiasts have already spoken their piece on this. And frankly, it isn’t helping much because their opinions are simply divided. Some say it’s harmful for a car, some say the car engine needs it, and some even say that it won’t matter if you do or you don’t.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car wreckers and auto parts company, we are hoping to shed some light into this dilemma. Our team of expert auto mechanics and engineers is here to provide you meaningful insights on whether or not it is really necessary for us to warm up the engines of our car

Is it a thing of the past?

Car models that were made before the year 1995 use what we call a carburetor. This device simply combines air and fuel. That because of the carburetor, car engines essentially need to idle and warm up before you actually drive it off. It needs a sufficient time of warming up to get the right mix of air into the fuel. Those minutes you spending on idling your car simply makes your engine perform more smoothly. We simply can’t contest to that – if you still own a car from the 80s, warming up is most definitely needed if you want to keep using it.

The problem kicks in when we’re talking about modern cars.

Since our cars today no longer need carburetors because of those fuel injection systems, many believe that there’s absolutely no need for us to warm up the car engine before going. We can just simply drive it off after starting engine, in the condition that we’re at an average neighborhood speed. Besides, just like the EPA, they say idling consumes more fuel – that it simply is a waste.

On the other hand, there are other car experts who deem otherwise. Their rationale – it is not the car engine that needs to be warmed up especially during cold weather; it’s actually your engine oil. Oil is to cars and blood is to humans. And when the temperature drops or simply when the weather is cold enough, the oil (and even other fluids) may get thicker, especially if the car engine isn’t used for a long time. Thus, they will have a hard time lubricating your car engine properly. So if you want your car to run smoothly in such weather conditions, better have it idle just for a few minutes.

Our take on the matter…

It is true that our cars today our gifted with advanced systems and technologies that simply eliminate the need to warm up the engine before driving it off. Because of that, we say: warm up your cars whenever you reckon it necessary. Our cars are now smarter, more efficient, and durable more than ever. Plus, car owners and drivers are better informed. And since there is no concrete proof that warming up will do serious harm and dangers to your vehicle, then trust your judgement. If you have a brand new car that is less than 3 y/o, then by all means ignore everything about warming up the engine.

However, we do suggest that you do this every winter or regularly if you live in an area where it’s mostly cold all year-round, though. ‘Cos if you intend to keep your vehicle for 5 to 10 years, you might want to take extra care of your engine’s health. Warm it up even for 5 to 10 minutes, and believe us, that won’t go in vain. Don’t think of it as a waste of fuel, think of it as slowly preparing for the many years ahead with your car.

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