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Things Every Car Owner Should Know

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While taking driving lessons could teach you all there is to know about driving safely and responsibly, it doesn’t necessarily teach you how to become a good car owner. Sadly, they don’t always tell you how you should fix and take care of your car. And because having your own vehicle entails great duties and responsibilities, you have no other choice but to do whatever it takes to keep your beloved ride in tip-top shape for as long as you can.

Sure there are car repairs and maintenance jobs that must be done by professional mechanics. However, there are still essential things all car owners must know with regards to taking care of their respective vehicles.

But don’t you fret, Advance Auto Parts has got your back. As Melbourne’s leading used car parts and auto parts suppliers, we have come up with our own list of 10 essential things every car owner must know. All these will surely help you be a responsible car owner and driver, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Every car owner should:

Know what’s inside your car manual.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not telling you to memorise your car manual or handbook from cover to cover. It’s just that, sometimes there are still owners who choose to even to read the manual even once. They’d just browse or look through it if ever something has already gone wrong with their cars. Your manual will tell you almost everything you need to know when it comes to maintaining your ride. Not all cars are the same, so you by reading and understanding your manual, you’ll be able to use and enjoy all your car’s features properly.

Know your car’s service maintenance requirements.

Know how often your car needs to be serviced. Most if not all brand new cars require servicing at specific intervals to keep the warranty intact. But if your car’s out of the warranty period already, still do your best to have it serviced regularly so you won’t encounter bigger problems in the future.

Know the best fuel for your car.

The fuel is like the blood of your vehicle. Thus, it must go without saying that it’s but essential to make sure that the fuel you put in it is best suited for your car. There are lots of options you can choose from the gasoline station. So learn what works best for your car – the one which is best in improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Know how to check and change oil.

Even if you have poor mechanical skills, learning how to check and refill your engine oil is but a must if you have your own car. Some might say that it’s taken care of whenever they take their cars for service maintenance. Albeit, we still believe that you should be able to maintain it on your own. Besides, it’s a pretty simple thing you can do.

Know the proper way to maintain your tyres.

If your car doesn’t have that sticker on the driver side door jamb that contains the correct tyre PSI for your car, then you must refer to your manual, and make sure you remember it from then on. We advise that you have your tyres’ air pressure checked at least once a week, or buy one of those handy air pressure gauges you could always keep in your trunk. Also, do regular sight checks to see if your treads still have the required depths.

Know when your brakes are having issues.

Your car’s brakes are one of the most important components of your car because it is directly affects you and your car’s safety. Learn about the signs of brake wear and tear. You could actually get these symptoms just by feeling and observing as you hit the brakes or simply by hearing. It is always recommended that you be a keen observer if you really want to detect car issues earlier.

Know when the essential fluids need to be replenished.

Do you know all the essential fluids that keep your car working properly? These are the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer. Check them religiously to know when they already need topping up.

Know how to change tyres and jumpstart your car.

These may require help from your dad, car enthusiast friend, or trusted mechanic. But don’t worry, it’s easy peasy. Besides, you can rest in the fact that once your car breaks down due to a flat tyre or a battery problem (as they are the most common causes), you’d confidently know what to do.

Know how to customise your own car emergency kit.

Having a car emergency kit is one of the basic things you should know, even as a newbie car owner. But know that even if you can find those pre-packaged car emergency kits in stores, you should know that not all those may exactly work for all car owners. So make one according to your personal or family needs, lifestyle, and travel rituals, and the like.

Know and trust a licensed mechanic.

If it’s your first time to really own a car, you must know that finding a licensed mechanic you can trust and count on is but necessary. It can actually make or break your chances of keeping your car for a longer period of time. It might take time to find that skillful and honest-to-goodness mechanic; but once you do, make sure to take care of your relationship and hang on to him ever so loyally. Besides, you’re putting you and car’s safety in his hands.

Advance Auto Parts has been providing quality Aussie auto parts and cheap auto spares for two decades now, and we have been reputed for providing top auto parts online ever since. Should you need to let go of a car that’s old, damaged, or totally wrecked, entrust it to our team of expert car wreckers, dismantlers, towers, and recyclers. You are assured that you’re sending off your once loved vehicle into good hands!

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