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Steering Wheel

We sell Steering Wheel for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of Steering Wheel do you need?

The steering wheel, also known as the hand wheel or driving wheel, is probably the part of your car that you are most in contact with (hopefully). It’s simply the component you use to primarily operate and control your car as it runs. And because it’s that one car part that could really help make you feel like a professional driver or even a racer, some car owners and car lovers opt not to simply put up with their stock steering wheels. Upgrading it will not only help you maneuver your vehicle easily, but it’ll also make your car interiors truly stylish.

Advance Auto Parts is here to provide you with a lavish selection of steering wheels and steering wheel covers to your liking. We have replacement, wooden and racing steering wheels, including horns and cruise control buttons, and more. Simply pick one that goes with your car and suits your style, because we assure you that it’ll definitely fit your budget.