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What kind of Starter do you need?

Car starters are also known as starter motors, self starters, and cranking motors. As its name implies, internal combustion engines use starters to initiate the engine’s operation. It controls the use of electrical power to motors and are consist of contractors and overload protectors. The contractors repeatedly establish (and interrupt) the electrical power circuit. The overload protection protects the motors from drawing too much current and from burning out. Car starters can be electric (common in gasoline and small diesel engines), hydraulic (common in 6- to 16-cylinder diesel engines), and pneumatic (common in trucks). Today, we now have remote starters for our convenience.

All these kinds of car starters are found in our large and updated inventory of auto parts. If you want to save more money as well as upgrade or replace your car starter, Advance Auto Parts is here to make both of that possible.