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Side Step / Skirt

We sell Side Step/Skirt for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of Side Step/Skirt do you need?

Some say that the sky’s the limit when it comes to modifying and upgrading your car’s body. You can add side skirts, running boards, trailer skirts, or side steps (for bigger vehicles). They are usually part of those we refer to as body kits. These are a pair of panels affixed to the left and right sides of the vehicle. While it is reckoned be just a cosmetic enhancement to a car’s body, some say that these (advanced skirt types) may also help improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Having a side skirt customised for your car, according to your style and liking, may cost you more money than you actually think. So consider choosing from our selection of side panels for cars of every brand, make, and model. They are guaranteed in good condition and have the best prices, too!