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We sell Guards/Mug Guards and Fenders for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of Guard/Fender do you need?

The fenders are parts of the vehicle’s body that frames the wheel well and protect the wheels. Their sole purpose is to keep the wheels from sand, rocks, liquids, and road spray that it thrown in the wheels as they rotate. In British English, it is called the wing. Also, some car owners opt to add some wheel guards, mud guards or wheel protectors to further safeguard their rims and wheels from dirt and debris. The guards are often added because they “flap” and are sort of more flexible than the rigid fenders.

Whatever kind and size of vehicle you may have, Advance Auto Parts has some fenders and mudguards available for you. If yours was damaged due to an accident, or you simply just want an upgrade, it doesn’t matter. You’ll surely find one in our inventory that’ll match your style, suit your needs, and fit your budget.