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Different kinds and sizes of vehicles are designed with various types of car doors and car windows as well. Most of them are opened manually; albeit there are others that are powered electronically. Many kinds of vehicle doors include the conventional type, scissor, butterfly, suicide, canopy, gull-wing, sliding, and disappearing doors. The exterior side of a car is usually made from steel as with the rest of the car’s body; while the other side of the car door is made from a material same as the other surfaces in the car interiors.

Do you have a car door that was badly damaged due to a collision or any unfortunate road mishap? While car doors and windows cost a fortune in dealerships, Advance Auto Parts can help you score great deals on them. Our large inventory of car parts include a wide variety of high quality, good condition doors, windows, windshields, door handles, power door locks, door cards, and more – all at budget-friendly prices. Just tell our friendly and accommodating staff about the kind of car door/window that you need, and they’ll gladly provide it for you.