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What kind of Console do you need?

Your car’s centre console is specifically designed and installed to aid drivers and passengers by containing some instrumentation as well as added storage. It’s the control-bearing surfaces in the front of your car’s interior – from the dashboard area up to the transmission tunnel and narrow area in between the driver and passenger seats. Car consoles are designed differently for various types of vehicles. They have storage compartments, ashtrays, cup holders, armrests, and even refrigerators. In some SUVs and pickup trucks, the console extends up to the rear part of the interior to contain entertainment, climate system and HVAC controls, as well as auxiliary power outlets and LCD screens.

If you think your car interior deserves a new console, just simply send us an enquiry and we can let you choose from our large selection of centre consoles for sedans, luxury vehicles, 4WDs, vans, and more.