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We sell Brakes, Brake Pads and Hubs for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of Brakes and Hubs do you need?

A vehicle’s brake system is composed of many different essential parts such as the brake pads, brake cables and hoses, brake drums or discs, calipers, rotors, brake pedals, and master cylinder. All these work together so you could safely slow down and stop your car. Without a fully functioning and well-maintained brake system, you and your car are simply at risk.

In the same way, your car’s hubs or technically referred to as the wheel hub assembly, is located between the brake drum or disc and the drive axle. It has a wheel hub unit, wheel bearings, and some bolts and nuts. In many cars today, the wheel hub is connected to the ABS or Anti-lock Braking System. If your vehicle has a faulty wheel hub, it’ll make a grinding sound while running forwards.

We sell all parts and components of the wheel hub assembly and the brake system. As they are essential in keeping your driving safety, don’t delay on replacing them if they’re worn or broken. You can immediately get what kind of brake or hub part you need simply by asking our friendly and dependable staff.