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We sell Bootlid/Tailgate for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of Bootlid/Tailgate do you need?

Your vehicle’s main storage compartment, known as the trunk (American English) or the boot (in British English) is covered by what we call as the bootlid. There are hinges that allow it to be raised; then a positioned prop rod, counterbalancing torsion, or other springs can keep the panel up in its open position. As for vehicles like hatchbacks and lorries, they have what we call tailgates. They are also the covering for the back storage compartment, only they usually have glass windows.

If your bootlid or tailgate needs replacing because of a rear-end collision, you can immediately find a quality yet affordable replacement for it in Advance Auto Parts’ wide inventory. We have all kinds of lids for the storage compartment of hatchbacks, compact cars, sedans, vans, and more.