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A /C Condenser

We sell A/C Condenser for cars of all makes and models. Contact us for the part that you need.
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What kind of A/C Condenser do you need?

This component of your car’s air conditioning system receives the compressed refrigerant gas. It is usually found in front of your car’s radiator. As its name implies, the hot gas it receives is cooled and changed back into its liquid form. Then, it sends it back to the evaporator. In many cases, your A/C condenser can be damaged by road debris or front collision accidents. When it causes leaks, it has to be replaced immediately. Because if you ignore a failing or leaking condenser, you might not be able to experience cold air in your car at all.

Our inventory has all kinds of A/C condensers, with and without driers attached. They are refurbished and tested to guarantee their top quality. Get it now at prices lower than what’s offered in the market.