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Five Secrets The Car Salesman Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Buying a new car? Who says the process is super simple and easy? Well, if you really think so, then maybe you are one of those people who are fortunate enough not to think about the money. On the other hand, if you are a smart buyer who always seeks out opportunities to get your money’s worth, then purchasing a new car may be a daunting and complicated process.

With all the car models and variants to choose from, with all kinds of deals and promos left and right, and with all the persistent car salesmen around, we can really say that car buying can actually be far from stress-free.

Being one of Melbourne’s leading  auto parts suppliers and car parts companies, Advance Auto Parts, ought to help make this process a lot easier for you. We aim to help you how you can easily transact with a car salesman, so that eventually, you can get great value for your hard-earned money.

To make the situation turn to your advantage, we are here to share with you some of the trade secrets that those car dealers and salesmen won’t ever tell you:

Secret #1:  They’ll offer low monthly payment options, 0% interest schemes, and NO DP promos.

This a strategy to take a second look at what they’re really offering. Something that will really entice you head to the dealership right away. And when you do, you’ll find out that there’s a catch – something they’re not telling you. As with low monthly payments, know that they could play with that amount whichever way they like, as long as they meet your set budget every month. You wouldn’t know what that amount really consists of, right? So make sure to compute on your own. As with the 0% interest and no down payment schemes, be ready to be paying a bigger monthly payment.

Your solution to all this: When you hear about their promo, call them or inquire online first. Ask as much questions as you can. Find out what the catch is – coz there always is. Ask for a computation, then compute on your own. Find out if the total of the monthly payments + the downpayment + the interest is so far off the unit price. That will make gauge more or less if you are being ripped off.

Secret #2: They’ll make you pay for extended warranties and all kinds of dealer add-ons.

Do you want to extend your warranty in just a fraction of the price? Do you want to get the car tinted, rust-proofed, or upgraded so you can guaranteed original parts and materials at a discounted price? How many of us have been fooled by these questions? A car salesman get only a small commission from selling one car. And so, to get more income, they’ll find ways to get more incentives by letting you buy all those add-ons. And oh, they also get a commission from your approved car loan as well.

Your solution to all this: Simply just say no. Tell them that you have contacts or sources of original car parts,  car accessories, upgrades, and even insurance that you can get for a lower price. Be honest with them. If they’ll give you freebies along with their package deals, then a ‘thank you’ will suffice. But if you’d have to pay more for those, simply refuse the offer.

Secret #3:  They’ll buy you some time to think.

Do you notice how many times your agent or car salesman leaves you in the lobby or room to “speak with his/her manager’? You think that’s nothing, but it’s simply one of their strategies. Leaving you out there while you check out all the cars will help them because you will lose track of the things that matter to you the most. In the meantime, they are at the back figuring out how much they could get of your deal. Oh and by the way, they love it when you come with friends and family. That is when they think it’s easier to convince you.

Your solution to all this: Every time the car salesman leaves, keep focused. Refrain from looking around and just keep your eyes on the goal. We really suggest that whenever they leave you, you can review everything the agent has told you so far. Compute not only how much you can pay as down payment but also how much monthly payment you can allot, including the cost of keeping that car for many years.

Secret #4:  They’ll use your credit score to their advantage.

If you happen to be clueless about your credit score, don’t make the mistake of ever telling that to the car salesman. Why? If they know that, they’ll offer to find it out for you instead. And chances are, they’ll tweak it a little bit to get more out of the deal. For example, they’ll tell you that you have a poor credit score, so once they tell you that you are approved for let’s say a loan with 8% interest, they’ll think that it’s the best they could get. Little do you know that you are eligible for the 6% interest all along.

Your solution to all this: Find out what your current credit score really is. Apply for a pre-approved loan even before going the dealership. In that way, you can base the negotiations on that approved financing.

Secret #5:  They’ll play out the “high ball” by ripping you off on your trade-in.

We know that (mostly) everyone thinks their used cars are in good condition whenever they try to trade it in. However, it is also true that you would never ever get a high price for your car, regardless if you need to get cash or you’ll buy a car from them. Think about it. They’ll have to recondition it to its best shape as possible, advertise, then put a warranty on it. Of course they’d want a higher profit. There’s simply no way you could a get a high offer from them.

Your solution to all this: If you really need to sell your used car, sell it to private buyers  and don’t deal with a car salesman. That’ll give you an edge and a higher chance of getting close to your target price. But if you really need to sell your car immediately – without advertising, waiting, and haggling, take advantage of the services of reputable car wreckers and cash for car Melbourne companies like us.

We have been in the spare parts industry for more than 20 years, and ever since then, we have always been delighting our clients for paying top instant cash for their cars and providing them quality second hand vehicle parts.

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