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How to Choose the Right Car Stereo System

Car Stereo System

Music is said (and proven) to be effective in stimulating the brain, fighting stress, and many others. Those benefits are also the reasons why we should give much credit to Paul and Joseph Galvin who decided to invent the first automobile dashboard radio during the 1950s. Because of that, more people now aren’t used to driving without any sort of music or entertainment – it isn’t as fun and enjoyable. In addition, listening to music is one way to keep you awake, help you be less agitated, and make driving in heavy traffic less boring.

For the last two decades that we, Advance Auto Parts, have been in the car parts supply industry and instant cash for cars Melbourne industry, we rarely see cars that do not have any kind of receiver, radio, or car stereo system. Maybe because in-car entertainment is simply a must-have during driving.

Now with all the advanced technologies today, most of the time, the stock car stereo system that comes with your vehicle isn’t enough. If you simply must get one that suits all your needs and wants, better follow these tips to help you score the best car stereo system for you:


Does your car simply doesn’t have one or your car does have one but you think it lacks so many functions? Or, do you simply had the need to buy one because your old stereo has broken down? Knowing exactly what your motivations are in buying a new car stereo system will help you a lot in determining what kind you have to buy.


As you know that there’d be a lot of options waiting for you, it’ll be easier if you will be able to set a specific budget for this. And the important thing? Stick to it. Oftentimes, buyers tend to stretch their little by little every time they discover an added function or feature that they think they need.


Based from all the sources you listen to – AM/FM, downloaded music in your MP3, songs from Spotify, or CDs, you’ll be able to know which functions to look for. For example, you no longer buy or listen to CDs. Thus, it is best for you to go “MECHLESS” where the head unit no longer has a CD player. Prioritize the audio sources you listen to; and then ask yourself if you need some additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, touch screen, USB port, video, GPS, and more. If your budget simply won’t allow you to get an advanced head unit that has almost all the cool and sophisticated features, then rank the additional functions from the one you want the most down to the least important for you. In that way, you would be able to fit almost everything you want in your budget.


Now that you have determined what kind of stereo system you want to buy, it’s time for you to research which brands of car entertainment systems are popular and well-trusted by many. If you have set your heart on about 2-3 brands, ask your relatives, mates, or colleagues if they own a head unit with those brands. Let them tell you about their experience with it.


After deciding which brand/s to consider, you should now find which shops sell those. Do they have special deals and promos? Do they have friendly and accommodating salespeople? Do they provide warranties? And most importantly, will they install the head unit for free or do you have to set it up on your own? Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need.


If you dilly-dally on making a decision, you’ll be wasting more precious time and even some money. You can’t simply go to each and every auto shop in Australia just to find the perfect one. Just choose the seller who will be able to meet all your wants and requirements. Then ask yourself if you really like their product too much for you to justify its price. Does your chosen stereo system allow you to add more features in the future? Those things will effectively help you make the best decision for yourself.

Is the car audio and stereo system not the only one that’s causing you headaches and stress? We have lots of spare parts and vehicle parts that would solve your problems. Just simply head to our website and send us an enquiry about the part that you need and the make and model of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can call us on 0476 444 111.

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