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hyundai partsAussies got a first taste of Hyundai vehicles in the year 1986, but they have formally established Hyundai Motor Company Australia in 2003. Even without its own plant here in Australia, the company ranks no.2 in the top selling car brands in the country. They even own Kia Motors and Genesis Motors. Hyundai’s ultimate mission to reduce the costs of owning a car is continuously being realised by proof of their efficient and durable cars. That is why most Aussies really love their Hyundai cars’ latest design which also meet Australian design rules, impressive safety features, and fuel efficiency.

Even if your Hyundai Accent, Sonata, Hyundai i30, or Santa Fe is really reliable and efficient, at some point in its useful life, you’ll be needing to replace at least one of its components. That’s where Advance Auto Parts come in. We have a wide array of  genuine Hyundai parts and genuine accessories you can choose to fix or upgrade your beloved rides . From Hyundai spare parts, engine components, electricals, body kits, and add-ons which guaranteed to fit your vehicle– name it and we have it. Not to mention, you’ll be getting them in top quality and low prices.

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We’ve got you covered – our wide inventory holds all kinds of car parts and consumables for your Hyundai vehicles. Fill the form below to enquire or please contact us on 0476 444 111.

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