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hino partsHino Motors Ltd., now a subsidiary of Toyota Group, is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of diesel engines and commercial vehicles all over the world. Even if Hino trucks and diesel engines were already popular in the country way back, it was only in 1995 when Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty. Ltd. was officially formed. Today, the brand is still continually celebrated for its success in the bus and truck industry. As a matter of fact, they were the first to introduce a commercial hybrid vehicle in Australia. They currently market 7 bus ranges, 150 truck models, and 9 hybrids in the country.

Even as durable and reliable commercial vehicles, your Hino trucks, vans, and buses will still need some fixing at one point or another. So let Advance Auto Parts aid you in keeping them in good condition. All the affordable Hino parts we sell are refurbished and tested well to ensure you of their quality.

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