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5 Easy Ways to Get a Vehicle Inspection


Buying a car sure isn’t easy. And since it’s such a big purchase, you’d naturally want it to last longer. And one way to make sure it’ll give you more years of smooth and safe driving is to regularly check for signs of trouble.

Getting your vehicle inspected even though you see nothing wrong is the best measure of preventive maintenance. If you want to save more money on repairs and not make any kind of car issue escalate, regular inspections are simply essential.

The good news is, you don’t have to shell out more money just to have your precious ride inspected. As your trusted auto parts seller in Melbourne, we’d like to help you save bucks as you get the needed inspection for your beloved cars. Our friendly vehicle removal experts here at Advance Auto Parts have rounded up some of the best and easy ways for you to get that reliable car inspection service you need:

  • Have your tyres inflated and rotated.

There are car repair shops around that provide free tyre repair and rotation services. If you bring your car to them, their professional mechanics will also give you a good inspection of your car’s wheels. And there are some cases where you can also get them to check your car’s undercarriage, lights, fluids, and other parts.

  • Get a complimentary vehicle inspection from a Repco authorised center.

Australian laws for vehicle inspections for every state differ. Search for an authorised Repco Service Center and ask for a complimentary 65-point safety check. Their mechanics are fully qualified to advise you about technically anything regarding your car regardless of its make and model. They will check everything under the hood and under your car – from the essential liquids, radiator, exhaust, brakes, lights, and up even up to your windshield wipers.

  • Find auto shops that provide free diagnostic tests.

If for example you hear squeaking or grinding sounds when you hit your brakes, you can immediately head to the nearest local auto repair shop and request for a diagnostic test. They shouldn’t really ask you for payment if there’s really nothing wrong with your car. Just make sure you are there while they do the inspection, as you don’t want to end up getting a repair service for something that wasn’t really damaged or broken in your car before taking it there.

  • Ask your car enthusiast friend to have a good look at it.

For all car owners, it really pays to have a mate that knows the ins and outs of all kinds of automobiles. So if you’re one who’s indeed blessed to have a friend that you’ve known to have many years of experience in fixing and modifying cars and who’s probably as good as a professional mechanic without the official title or degree, then getting a good inspection for your ride is really easy. When you think or feel that there might be something wrong with your ride, the easiest and quickest way to go about it is have your die-hard car lover friend to take a look at it.

  • Take it to your trusted mechanic.

If you’ve noticed from our other blogs and articles, we always suggest car owners to find a professional mechanic they can trust and stick to them. So if you do have one that has got your back for many years, checking to see if there’s anything wrong with your ride is as easy as even just a phone call away. Truly not everyone has a mechanic saved in their phone’s contacts. But if you do have one, make the most out of it. Build and nurture your (professional) relationship with him so that whenever you need help in repairing and inspecting your vehicle, it won’t be stressful and difficult for you.

When you’re buying a used car, when you’re selling your old car, when your car’s warranty is about expire, or simply when you want to find out something about your ride, these are the most perfect times to get a vehicle inspection. It will not only provide solutions to your car maintenance woes but more importantly, it will your driving safety for the rest of its useful life.


If after getting a good inspection, it turns out that your vehicle is no longer safe, efficient, and roadworthy, that’s a clear sign that you need to let go of it as soon as possible. And instead of just letting it rot and rust in your garage, let the experts put it into better use by selling us your car so we can recycle the reusable parts. Speak with our friendly and accommodating team by dialing  0476 444 111 now!

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