15 Unique Car Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

15 Unique Car Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Are you a self-confessed car addict? Are you a die-hard enthusiast? Or are you simply an owner who just loves cars because of its utility? Well whichever you are out of those 3, we know that you simply can’t deny that automobiles are simply one of the greatest machines ever invented. Sadly, because we are too busy with each of our complicated lives, we oftentimes fail to appreciate these mere vehicles that help us with our career, business, leisure, family life, and more.

Advance Auto Parts, has been in the auto parts industry for more than two decades now. Proudly being a part of Australia’s automotive industry, join us as we celebrate how amazing these mechanical inventions truly are. We bring you 15 of the most fun, interesting, and unique car facts you probably didn’t know about:

Fact #1: The world’s first speeding ticket was issued at 1902. That motorist was caught running at 45 mph.

Fact #2: In the 20th century, cars were invented with a sole purpose of being an eco-friendly transportation alternative. Why? Because horses were causing too much pollution with their poop.

Fact #3: Currently, cars are used by 1 out of 7 people all around the world. That’s approximately 1 billion cars used today.

Fact #4: Since the time Rolls Royce first produced cars, until now, all those people who have bought RR vehicles are still using them. 75% of all the cars produced by Rolls Royce ever since, are still on the road.

Fact #5: Volkswagen owns 12 of the most popular and luxurious car brands in 7 European countries, namely: Audi, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Bentley, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Scania, MAN, Ducati, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Fact #6: The first Honda CR-V came with a picnic table.

Fact #7: Cars are amazing yet dangerous machines as well. The chances of a person dying from a car accident is 1 to 5,000. That’s considerably high as compared to dying from a plane crash which is about 1 in 11 million.

Fact #8: Think you are updated with the world’s fastest production car to date? Well, that title now belongs to The Hennessey Venom GT, with an astounding and dangerous top speed of 270.49 miles per hour!

Fact #9: Always lazy to clean your car? Well, if that’s you, don’t ever drive in Russia. There, you get a criminal offense when you drive a filthy vehicle.

Fact #10: The cruise control car feature that we now use and enjoy is invented by a blind person.

Fact #11: The Bagger 288 is the largest land vehicle ever. It is 100 metres tall and 220 metres from end to end.

Fact #12: Ever wondered how the right-hand and left-hand driving laws came about? Well, it was all because of Empress Elizabeth of Russia. In 1728, she demanded that all traffic in Russian cities must keep to the right. Napoleon Bonaparte adopted this law and since then, most countries and territories in Europe began practising right-hand driving.

Fact #13: Having fun driving in roundabouts? Then France is the perfect country for you to go to. 50% of the world’s roundabouts are only located in France.

Fact #14: The very last car with a cassette player was the Ford Crown Vic.

Fact #15: The first true cars ever made in Australia were STEAM CARS, that was in 1896.

Had fun knowing all these facts? We sure did. But as much as we love to provide you with more interesting trivia about the automobile industry, we’ll now leave it at that. We do hope that you’d feel more appreciation and delight for being part of those fortunate people who own and use the marvelous creations.

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